The Inner Child Guided Meditation

October 21, 2019

Many of us experience traumas, neglect, and/or pain in our childhood that impact our well-being as adults. The difficult situations we experienced as children, if not properly addressed, continue to affect our energy/subtle body as adults. Especially when those issues are suppressed. Deep down inside, our inner-child is waiting to be loved and nurtured. She or he is waiting for the care, protection, and healing needed to allow you to move past the blocks you’re facing. This guided meditation will allow you to begin to reconnect with and heal your inner-child. This is both a powerful and emotional meditation.

With the purchase of The Inner Child Guided Meditation, you’ll receive two tracks:

  • Guided Meditation (With Vocal Guide & Music Track)
  • Meditation Music Only (No Vocal Guide/Only Music) – Use if you do not want the guided version

* Meditation tracks are in MP3 format, so please be sure your device is capable of playing them.
* MP3 files are large and download speed will depend on your device and connection.