Welcome to the fourth episode of the SpiritWoke Podcast! On today’s show, we’re joined by special guest, Zoe Rose. If you could see your soul’s colors, what would they look like? If you could learn more about who you are by channeling information directly from your soul, what would it say?

In addition, we talk about Zoe’s spiritual awakening, spirits, ghosts, and other fun topics.

Zoe’s brief bio:

Zoe’s an artist who specializes in creating channeled artwork. She uses art as a way to co-create with spirit and anchor in high vibrational love and light into the world, to assist with healing and soul remembering (also known as awakening).

Big thanks to our extremely talented Podcast producer, Nick Perko/Botanicus

Find Zoe at: Whole Art Illuminations, instagram.com/wholeartilluminations/

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After the Podcast, I asked Zoe to connect with my higher-self and below is what she came up with.

Primary soul color: Deep ocean blue. When tuning into your higher self I immediately felt this beautiful deep blue color. The way that this energy feels to me is like swimming in the realm of ideas. It’s like an incubation pod for ideas and concepts to take form. It’s an energy that wants to play with different perceptions, visions, and concepts and explore them until they somehow become grounded and real in this world, or simply lead to a stream of even more ideas. You question reality & through this questioning, you bring in and channel light that touches everything you question. This information comes in like blocks of light & becomes synthesized into a knowing… this is called claircognizance and is something I feel may be very natural for you. This energy of your higher self is like one of a philosopher or scientist. It’s an energy that wants to see every perspective of an idea or concept. It’s wants to spin it around, upside down, inside out, until every aspect is explored. Not to figure out what is right, but to shed light on all of it. Leaving none of it untouched or unexplored. Once the light of consciousness is shed on something, healing is automatic. Higher perspective is obvious. Simply through observation and inquiry. I’m reminded of Byron Katie.. she’s an author who helps a lot of people through a series of questions she asks to get people to examine their own perspectives and beliefs… which create all of their reality after all, so that’s pretty important work. Their beliefs create their experiences, illnesses, all of it. If you can shed light on beliefs, you can change a person’s world! This is healing. This is one of your main strengths as a healer from how I’m reading the energy of your higher self. This learning and expansion of the mind (personally and collectively) feels like your soul’s true passion. You just know what questions to ask or spin to take on things that help progress and propel consciousness forward! It is so perfect that you are doing this podcast.

Other soul colors:

~ Iridescent pearl: a vision of what looks like an iridescent pearl came to me to represent the next color. It’s a color or Ray that holds the whole rainbow within it and a soothing white color that encapsulates it all. This ray is of the higher realms… it feels like 9D and beyond. I think of angels, faeries, unicorns. It’s a healing energy, it’s soothing, and it acts as a bridge (as all colors are fully integrated). This rainbow/white light combo is so pure and whole! There is much more to this energy but my brain is struggling to put it into words, this can happen with the higher dimensional energies. So I just invite you to feel into this one and know that your soul is here anchoring in lots of this light.

~ red: this energy feels like hard earth, like standing on ground made of clay. Your soul has integrated this grounded energy throughout many lifetimes. You are able to be in the world, in your body, move around, without floating off into the sky… (Energetically and metaphorically speaking). This groundedness that is built into your energy is truly a gift!

~ yellow: the vision I got with this one was a yellow ribbon blowing in the wind. I get such a feeling of playfulness and lightheartedness from this image/color that I received. I sense that another one of the ways you bring light to this world is through playfulness and humor. Laughter is pure alchemy. You can shift the energy in a room, a conversation, or within yourself instantly with this gift!

Lastly, I received the image of the lion. This lion energy is with you. I feel guided not to interpret this one and to allow you to feel how that resonates for you on a soul level!

All of this, the words, colors and images… string together to tell a story. A snapshot of the soul. While it’s not a complete story or vision, because of all the complexities of a soul, I hope it reflects back to you light and information that you recognize in yourself. And that you can understand as truly valuable. You hold unique combinations of light and energies, unique strengths, gifts and outlooks. And they are all so valuable to this world. Thank you for being here & shining your light!


(As always with psychic work, take what resonates & leave the rest )

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