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October 26, 2019

I’m a novice to meditation. I have ADHD and anxiety and an overall inability to sit still. However, this meditation series has helped me in ways I never thought it could. My favorite (so far) is the Letting Go meditation. It helps me let go and work through the daily (and weekly) stressors that would usually drag me down. I highly recommend this album to anyone of any and all experience levels.


The Complete Collection of SpitirWoke Meditations contains the five (5) guided healing meditations below, plus five (5) additional tracks made up of the beautiful background meditation music included in each of the guided meditations.


This healing meditation will guide you to a beautiful garden and through a restorative chakra balancing/light healing. Read more about this meditation.


This healing meditation will guide you to a place deep inside, to reconnect with your soul and surrender all that weighs you down. Learn more about this meditation.


This is an intense meditation that will guide you to reconnect and begin to heal your inner child. Read more about the inner child and this meditation.


This healing meditation will guide you to a beautiful reunion with a loved one who has is no longer with you in physical form. Read more about this meditation.


The heart-warming meditation will guide you to a special place where you will be able to reconnect with a pet who has crossed over. Read more about this meditation.


If you’ve listened to the SpiritWoke Podcast, then you’ve heard me share how meditation has changed my life. How meditation healed me of PTSD related to loss trauma, anxiety, severe sadness, and other challenges.

With that being said, since experiencing the brilliant benefits of meditation, it’s been my dream to bring what worked for me to others. And SpiritWoke Meditations is a collection of the types of meditations that changed my life. And it is my deepest wish that it does the same for you.

Host of the SpiritWoke Podcast, Meditation Guide, & Reiki Master

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* Meditation tracks are in MP3 format, so please be sure your device is capable of playing them.

* While effective, meditation should not be considered a substitute for traditional mental health care. Additionally, if you’ve experienced significant childhood trauma, it is highly recommended that you work with a mental health practitioner before listening to the Inner-Child Guided Meditation.